Friday, October 26, 2012

October Beauty Box Five 2012

So this months Beauty Box 5 was themed Tricks of the Trade. This box contained 6 items and one card with a code from NuMe for $100 off. So it was similar to the My Glam one we got months ago.
  • Margania/ Pure Argan Oil- With naturally high levels of Vitamin E and skin-supporting fatty acids, this "miracle" oil is perfect for healing skin ailments and protecting against premature aging. Use alone or mix with your moisturizer. (A little goes a long way)
  • City Lips/ Lip Plumper- This luscious lip plumper's are packed with antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients. Apply alone or over lipstick for fuller, plumper lips in an instant.
  • Showstoppers/ Fashion Tape- Lost a button on your shirt? Does your bra strap keep showing? Keep your "fashion fashioned" with these ingenious, purse-sized packets of double stick designer fashion tape. Now while they only sent one small foil-packet they could have sent several more not enough in my opinion.
  • Goat Haus Dairy/ Lip Balm- Your lips will lust after this light-weight soft and silky goat's-milk lip balm. This is the second product from them. Last months box contained a bath cube to add to the water. While I think this is much better. I'm not quite fond of goat's milk. So I'm not sure about putting it on my lips. I may try it not sure yet. If anything I will give this to El Hubbs he will like it. He's in need of a new lip balm. This company is based in Bryan, TX so that's great with me being a native Texan. So buying items that are made in state is a plus as well. I'm all for supporting my local businesses.  
  • Furlesse/ Elevens- Relax frown lines in a gentle, natural (no needles) way. Simply apply the clear patch while you sleep and a few hours later you'll see fewer fine lines. It's that easy. Okay I'm not sure how I feel on this either, but I just may give it a try. Sounds interesting.
  • Lash Card/ Lash Cards- Great for maximizing curl, separating lashes and avoiding those bottom lash mishaps, these discrete little cards are your lashes new best friend. I received two cards with about 4-8 uses from them. While I've seen these before I have never wanted to try them. I also thought that these cards were made from a type of reusable plastic so that you can use them over and over. Oh well, maybe they will make one like that in the future where you can just wash it off and use it till it can be used no more. What a shame.
If your interested in trying Beauty Box 5 please check out this link.

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