Friday, October 19, 2012

Ivory Soap Brand Challenge Winner

I was fortunate to have been one of the lucky people to have won the Influenster Ivory soap brand challenge. This was a challenge thru Influenster that you had to do the required tasks in a specific amount of time and the first of so many that did what was asked were in the running to winning the challenge. So out of all who qualified I was blessed to have won.

I was given a 10 bar pack of their original soap and a full-sized body wash in the original scent. I'm so excited I haven't used Ivory soap since I was living at home. I really love the fresh clean scent and the fact that it rinses off clean and leaves no residue. I can't wait to try this body wash. I'm sure it will be just as good as the bars.

I'm so happy to have won this challenge I rarely win anything. So this was a gem. I did a blog post on how I used Ivory soap to clean my makeup brushes and I still use it to do so. It works like a charm and keeps them clean and soft. Thanks Ivory and Influenster.

You can find out more about Ivory soap on Facebook/ivory or at
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