Friday, October 26, 2012

October Goop Birchbox 2012

This is my first ever Birchbox that I completely disliked. I was so bummed about it. First of all I was sent an email to opt in or out for the Goop box. Well I opted out I didn't want another themed box if given a choice, which I was. I opted for the usual October Birchbox themed Transformations. I have in the past whether by choice or not have received several themed boxes most of them weren't all that great. So imagine my surprise when this box arrived to my home. I was so upset. I had already seen some of YouTube videos on this box and hardly anyone was happy with them. So moving on I don't know what was the point of giving us a choice if it wasn't going to matter anyway. Now on to the Goop box. Which I aptly named the "Poop" box.

  • Illume/ Red Cedar Candle- Made with soy, beeswax, and essential oils, this candle features a warm scent that comes courtesy of red cedar and vetiver.
  • Jouer/ Lip Enhancer- This best-seller gives you the moisturizing punch of a balm with the satiny finish of a gloss. We're hooked and we know you will be, too. Well first of all they could have given a full-sized one. I hate the Jouer samples they are so tiny and only one if even that in uses.
  • Kiehls/ Rosa Arctica Eye- Conquer dark circles with the brightening eye balm, which is made with collagen-boosting flower extracts.
  • Supergoop!/ City Sunscreen Serum- Wear this award-winning brand's silky SPF 30 serum under your makeup for a weightless UV shield. Okay another item that could have been given in a bigger sample size or even the $20 purse sized would have been nice. I hate these tiny foil packets that you can get free anywhere. So another bust with that one.
  • Luna/ LemonZest Bar- These are zesty snacks that are a goop fave. They're perfect to keep you full in between meals ( plus they double as a healthy dessert!) You know what no thanks I'd rather not have a food product in my box. Thank you. Especially lemon I despise lemon anything except lemonade. I don't like anything lemon. I just don't. Now, lime is okay.   
With that being said, I'm so over this months box. I hope that next months box is better. In September 2011 I first joined Birchbox and in October 2011 that's when I received my first box with them. So this month I celebrated 1 year with Birchbox and have never been so upset until now. I know that they will have great boxes in the months to come, but this one really put me off. I stay because you can get points when reviewing the samples and use them in the Birchbox store towards full-sized products so that's why I stay it's like paying $5 a for the box instead of $10. When you do the reviews so with that happy. So Happy 1st anniversary me for being with Birchbox a whole year. Here's to what next year has in store.

If you are interested in joining Birchbox please click this link

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