Friday, October 26, 2012

September Beauty Army Box 2012

Well upon cancelling my Beauty Bar Sample Society Box with Allure. I decided to try Beauty Army they have been around for sometime. When they first came on to the scene I was on a waiting list to join. Then when I was finally sent an invite I was so happy. I signed up and went to see what is was all about. Well while I liked the idea of getting to choose my own products up to 6 for my box for only $12 monthly. I wasn't to jazzed about the choices available. So I passed. Then later on I was asked to join up again to which on that I passed as well.

So when I found out that now you can just join without an invitation and that they open new subscriptions & samples daily at 9am EST well I decided to give them a try. Well I was enlightened to see what was available to choose given my personal beauty profile. Which can be changed if you want to see if you can get different samples than the ones shown. I was happy with my choices. Now as for the NuMe shampoo that was a choice I wasn't to thrilled about, but it was better than what was available.
Here are the Beauty Army how to's:

Complete the beauty profile
to reveal your nine personalized products.

Choose up to six.

Re-take your beauty profile
to see a different selection.

Skip the month anytime.

Receive your products
within eight to ten days of your selection.
  •  Macadamia/ Healing oil treatment- which I have been dying to try. That alone was the price for the box. So it was well worth it.
  • Young blood/ Mineral Primer- infused with vitamins and minerals it's also paraben free.
  • SunTegrity/ 5-in-1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen- that treats, hydrates, protects, primes and covers skin. This is in tinted in the color light. This formula is for all skin types, vegan, non-greasy, non-toxic. So my guess it's a tinted moisturizer/BB cream.
  • Emani Minerals/ Foundation Primer and Serum- Talc and paraben free. This works as a base coat as well as a moisturizer. This serum helps to fill in fine lines and inhibit the deterioration of collagen.
  • Lipsi Cosmetics/ Aphrodite Powder- This fine powder is designed to absorb the excess oil on your skin, allowing your skin to glow. This finishing powder sets makeup and absorbs shine while keeping your makeup fresh and natural all day long. Layer Aphrodite Powder over your foundation and concealer for a flawless finish that keeps your skin completely oil-free. Wear it alone for a sheer soft coverage. This powder suits all skin types and tones. I have yet to try this out and will see how it works. I have oily skin and I'm glad I chose this.
  • Nume/Hydro Punch Hydrating Shampoo- All I can say is that I already have this sample except that it was the conditioner not a shampoo from My Glam in July's bag. I also got the shampoo in my Beauty Box Five for September so I'm set.This shampoo is for dry or coloured hair. It contains Seratin-K, Sage extract, Bamboo extract and Argan oil from Morocco. It has no parabens or parafins. Now as for me I didn't like the scent it is too overpowering. It gave me an instant headache just like the conditioner did.
So far I liked this service and choices. As for October's box I decided to skip it there was not anything that really popped out this month. So that's another thing I liked about this service if you don't like what you see then you can change your profile daily for up to a 5 day window. If you still don't like anything then you can skip a month. Which is great so I'm all for that. We will see what November's box holds. So if your interested in checking this out go to:

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