Friday, October 26, 2012

October Beauty Box Five 2012

So this months Beauty Box 5 was themed Tricks of the Trade. This box contained 6 items and one card with a code from NuMe for $100 off. So it was similar to the My Glam one we got months ago.
  • Margania/ Pure Argan Oil- With naturally high levels of Vitamin E and skin-supporting fatty acids, this "miracle" oil is perfect for healing skin ailments and protecting against premature aging. Use alone or mix with your moisturizer. (A little goes a long way)
  • City Lips/ Lip Plumper- This luscious lip plumper's are packed with antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients. Apply alone or over lipstick for fuller, plumper lips in an instant.
  • Showstoppers/ Fashion Tape- Lost a button on your shirt? Does your bra strap keep showing? Keep your "fashion fashioned" with these ingenious, purse-sized packets of double stick designer fashion tape. Now while they only sent one small foil-packet they could have sent several more not enough in my opinion.
  • Goat Haus Dairy/ Lip Balm- Your lips will lust after this light-weight soft and silky goat's-milk lip balm. This is the second product from them. Last months box contained a bath cube to add to the water. While I think this is much better. I'm not quite fond of goat's milk. So I'm not sure about putting it on my lips. I may try it not sure yet. If anything I will give this to El Hubbs he will like it. He's in need of a new lip balm. This company is based in Bryan, TX so that's great with me being a native Texan. So buying items that are made in state is a plus as well. I'm all for supporting my local businesses.  
  • Furlesse/ Elevens- Relax frown lines in a gentle, natural (no needles) way. Simply apply the clear patch while you sleep and a few hours later you'll see fewer fine lines. It's that easy. Okay I'm not sure how I feel on this either, but I just may give it a try. Sounds interesting.
  • Lash Card/ Lash Cards- Great for maximizing curl, separating lashes and avoiding those bottom lash mishaps, these discrete little cards are your lashes new best friend. I received two cards with about 4-8 uses from them. While I've seen these before I have never wanted to try them. I also thought that these cards were made from a type of reusable plastic so that you can use them over and over. Oh well, maybe they will make one like that in the future where you can just wash it off and use it till it can be used no more. What a shame.
If your interested in trying Beauty Box 5 please check out this link.

October Ipsy Bag 2012

Well this is Ipsy's second month so I'm now treating this as my second bag from them. New name change hence new company & new everything. This bag was themed Hello, Bombshell and what can I say this month's bag was the bomb. The chevron black and white bag with red zipper was super cute. Now what was outstanding were the products inside.
  • Couture Colour/ Pequi Oil Treatment- This oil restores softness and shine. Apply a small amount evenly into hair. Use before blow dry or air dry for silky, shiny hair. After you style to control frizziness and fly aways. Or anytime for added softness. This oil has a very tropical smelling scent.
  • Coastal Scents/ Eye shadow sample quad in set 7- which contains Antique Lilac, Wisteria, Lemon Chiffon and Raspberry Tart. These colors are fabulous I love purples especially for my dark brown eyes it looks great.
  • The Balm Cosmetics/ What's your type? "the body builder" mascara- A black mascara with a lengthening formula and a separating, injection molded brush. "Whats Your Type?" You can have thick, bold, massive and defined eyelashes with this mascara. This long lasting, highly pigmented and non-clumping mascara is formulated with vitamin E, panthenol and bamboo to condition and strengthen your lashes to their fullest and foxiest.
  • Be a Bombshell/ Eye Liner- black. A basic black eye liner. Long lasting and highly pigmented – this eyeliner can be used with any look to bring definition to your eyes. Use like a marker, drawing with the tip closest to your lash line. To create a smoky eye look, gently smudge and smoke out liner. For Dramatic full-looking lashes, gently dot between lashes. Follow with a coat of Bombshell mascara. For a pop of color, try a colored pencil!  To make lashes look more full, line the upper lash line with liner and follow with the lining the lower waterline. This liner comes in 3 colors onyx, espresso, and provocateur.
  • Mirenesse/ Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain- Bomb No. 4- which is a pinky-red. It is described as being in the pink family. A Revolutionary colour that combines gloss, stain and lacquer all in one. Colour that drenches your lips for a juicy high impact colour that's feather-light and super-moist with a velvety finish. Power packed with non-smearing pigment that lasts and lasts. Infused with a breath refreshing mint taste and Lip Perfecting Spheres plus caring vitamins.  The Infinity applicator allows for professional application of precision colour. Don't apply too much! It's better to apply a thin layer first then build it up if you want more colour. For extra long wear pair with a matching lip liner. At first when I got this color I was scared. I applied it using the wand and whoa it was too pigmented. So now I just use a lip brush to apply and the color is much lighter and matches me more. I like how well it stays on throughout the day and though it does transfer somewhat it does stay on and does slightly stain the lips. The formula is creamy and moisturizing so I don't get chapped lips at all which is a plus. This lip bomb stain was full-sized and is pretty pricey. It is probably because this is an Australian brand and their cosmetics always run slightly higher than in the states.
Overall, I was the most impressed with this bag than any other of my subscription boxes this month. I have stuck with My Glam now Ipsy since the beginning. Through thick and thin I have stayed true to this company which will be celebrating it's one year anniversary either this month or next. So it's glad to see them doing well and getting better each and every month even if their name has changed it's now for the better.  If your interested in checking out ipsy go to for more information.

October Goop Birchbox 2012

This is my first ever Birchbox that I completely disliked. I was so bummed about it. First of all I was sent an email to opt in or out for the Goop box. Well I opted out I didn't want another themed box if given a choice, which I was. I opted for the usual October Birchbox themed Transformations. I have in the past whether by choice or not have received several themed boxes most of them weren't all that great. So imagine my surprise when this box arrived to my home. I was so upset. I had already seen some of YouTube videos on this box and hardly anyone was happy with them. So moving on I don't know what was the point of giving us a choice if it wasn't going to matter anyway. Now on to the Goop box. Which I aptly named the "Poop" box.

  • Illume/ Red Cedar Candle- Made with soy, beeswax, and essential oils, this candle features a warm scent that comes courtesy of red cedar and vetiver.
  • Jouer/ Lip Enhancer- This best-seller gives you the moisturizing punch of a balm with the satiny finish of a gloss. We're hooked and we know you will be, too. Well first of all they could have given a full-sized one. I hate the Jouer samples they are so tiny and only one if even that in uses.
  • Kiehls/ Rosa Arctica Eye- Conquer dark circles with the brightening eye balm, which is made with collagen-boosting flower extracts.
  • Supergoop!/ City Sunscreen Serum- Wear this award-winning brand's silky SPF 30 serum under your makeup for a weightless UV shield. Okay another item that could have been given in a bigger sample size or even the $20 purse sized would have been nice. I hate these tiny foil packets that you can get free anywhere. So another bust with that one.
  • Luna/ LemonZest Bar- These are zesty snacks that are a goop fave. They're perfect to keep you full in between meals ( plus they double as a healthy dessert!) You know what no thanks I'd rather not have a food product in my box. Thank you. Especially lemon I despise lemon anything except lemonade. I don't like anything lemon. I just don't. Now, lime is okay.   
With that being said, I'm so over this months box. I hope that next months box is better. In September 2011 I first joined Birchbox and in October 2011 that's when I received my first box with them. So this month I celebrated 1 year with Birchbox and have never been so upset until now. I know that they will have great boxes in the months to come, but this one really put me off. I stay because you can get points when reviewing the samples and use them in the Birchbox store towards full-sized products so that's why I stay it's like paying $5 a for the box instead of $10. When you do the reviews so with that happy. So Happy 1st anniversary me for being with Birchbox a whole year. Here's to what next year has in store.

If you are interested in joining Birchbox please click this link

September Beauty Army Box 2012

Well upon cancelling my Beauty Bar Sample Society Box with Allure. I decided to try Beauty Army they have been around for sometime. When they first came on to the scene I was on a waiting list to join. Then when I was finally sent an invite I was so happy. I signed up and went to see what is was all about. Well while I liked the idea of getting to choose my own products up to 6 for my box for only $12 monthly. I wasn't to jazzed about the choices available. So I passed. Then later on I was asked to join up again to which on that I passed as well.

So when I found out that now you can just join without an invitation and that they open new subscriptions & samples daily at 9am EST well I decided to give them a try. Well I was enlightened to see what was available to choose given my personal beauty profile. Which can be changed if you want to see if you can get different samples than the ones shown. I was happy with my choices. Now as for the NuMe shampoo that was a choice I wasn't to thrilled about, but it was better than what was available.
Here are the Beauty Army how to's:

Complete the beauty profile
to reveal your nine personalized products.

Choose up to six.

Re-take your beauty profile
to see a different selection.

Skip the month anytime.

Receive your products
within eight to ten days of your selection.
  •  Macadamia/ Healing oil treatment- which I have been dying to try. That alone was the price for the box. So it was well worth it.
  • Young blood/ Mineral Primer- infused with vitamins and minerals it's also paraben free.
  • SunTegrity/ 5-in-1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen- that treats, hydrates, protects, primes and covers skin. This is in tinted in the color light. This formula is for all skin types, vegan, non-greasy, non-toxic. So my guess it's a tinted moisturizer/BB cream.
  • Emani Minerals/ Foundation Primer and Serum- Talc and paraben free. This works as a base coat as well as a moisturizer. This serum helps to fill in fine lines and inhibit the deterioration of collagen.
  • Lipsi Cosmetics/ Aphrodite Powder- This fine powder is designed to absorb the excess oil on your skin, allowing your skin to glow. This finishing powder sets makeup and absorbs shine while keeping your makeup fresh and natural all day long. Layer Aphrodite Powder over your foundation and concealer for a flawless finish that keeps your skin completely oil-free. Wear it alone for a sheer soft coverage. This powder suits all skin types and tones. I have yet to try this out and will see how it works. I have oily skin and I'm glad I chose this.
  • Nume/Hydro Punch Hydrating Shampoo- All I can say is that I already have this sample except that it was the conditioner not a shampoo from My Glam in July's bag. I also got the shampoo in my Beauty Box Five for September so I'm set.This shampoo is for dry or coloured hair. It contains Seratin-K, Sage extract, Bamboo extract and Argan oil from Morocco. It has no parabens or parafins. Now as for me I didn't like the scent it is too overpowering. It gave me an instant headache just like the conditioner did.
So far I liked this service and choices. As for October's box I decided to skip it there was not anything that really popped out this month. So that's another thing I liked about this service if you don't like what you see then you can change your profile daily for up to a 5 day window. If you still don't like anything then you can skip a month. Which is great so I'm all for that. We will see what November's box holds. So if your interested in checking this out go to:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ivory Soap Brand Challenge Winner

I was fortunate to have been one of the lucky people to have won the Influenster Ivory soap brand challenge. This was a challenge thru Influenster that you had to do the required tasks in a specific amount of time and the first of so many that did what was asked were in the running to winning the challenge. So out of all who qualified I was blessed to have won.

I was given a 10 bar pack of their original soap and a full-sized body wash in the original scent. I'm so excited I haven't used Ivory soap since I was living at home. I really love the fresh clean scent and the fact that it rinses off clean and leaves no residue. I can't wait to try this body wash. I'm sure it will be just as good as the bars.

I'm so happy to have won this challenge I rarely win anything. So this was a gem. I did a blog post on how I used Ivory soap to clean my makeup brushes and I still use it to do so. It works like a charm and keeps them clean and soft. Thanks Ivory and Influenster.

You can find out more about Ivory soap on Facebook/ivory or at
If your interested in joining Influenster go to

Thursday, October 18, 2012

September Beauty Bar Sample Society with Allure Box 2012

I was truly impressed once again with this box. I have only been with them for several months and well I was so saddened to have to cancel my subscription with them it was getting costly and well frankly I saw what others got for October which as rubbish so that made it easier to cancel. October's box didn't have the OOMPH that the others did. It was basically items in foil packets or small tiny minuscule samples. So that just made it so much easier plus with so many other boxes I have subscriptions with it was getting overwhelming.
  • CellCeuticals/Extremely Gentle Skin Cleanser- Ideal for even the most sensitive skin, this cleanser removes impurities and makeup without drying out the skin. This daily cleanser hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling supple as it removes facial and eye makeup. This product is appropriate for all ages.
  • Diptyque/Eau de Toilette Fragrance- Vetyverio- Made for both women and men, the Diptyque Eaux de Toilette use the finest raw materials to relate a childhood memory and poetically reinvent and enhance nature or a journey, real or dreamed of. A bird, known as the Java Sparrow, hides in the cool of the forest, amid the trees' dense and soothing foliage. Here and there, clearings graced with tropical flowers; the eye discerns groves of long, slender leaves of fragrant vetiver. And from this black and white, somehow perceived in color, rises an image of profuse, blooming vegetation, exquisitely aromatic, dazzling to the senses. There is a winged creature blessed to perch in this paradise. That's why Diptyque calls it "Vetyverio."
  • Ahava/Purifying Mud Mask- This mask contains purifying and softening qualities, clears skin of excess oils, roots out the grime and blackheads, and prevents the formation of blemishes. Soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties with the benefits of Horsetail Extract
    Jojoba Oil nourishes and moisturizes.
  • Stila Cosmetics/Smudge Crayon- Black- Stila Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Primer + Shadow + Liner Dazzle is a 3-in-1 gel-based product that glides on with ease and stays in place until you say when. This creamy, multi-pearl formula is infused with emollients for a smooth, comfortable application. Stila Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Primer + Shadow + Line Dazzle also provides rich, bold color for more than 6 hours of continuous wear that won't crease over time.
  • Borghese/Borghese B Gloss- Fiore- This Lip Gloss is a lush, glossy color that accentuates lips and provides high-shine looks. Moisturizers deliver a soothing treat while high style pigments add luminosity.
    • Has a long-wearing formula
    • Vitamins A and E deliver moisture
    • Avocado oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera soothe lips

September MyGlam "ISPY" Bag 2012

Well to my surprise MyGlam did a total 180 as they updated their website and even their name. A little confused well I was. I understand a total overhaul of a website to make it better and improve it. As for the name change I don't dig it. Why fix what wasn't broken IPSY beauty by you is what they are calling themselves now. We got a card saying that MyGlam is now....ipsy beauty by you. Same awesome Glam Bag program that you love, only so much better: 
  • Samples are personalized with shades just for you
  • Connect with other women you trust
  • Share your own beauty looks on
  • Win prizes with more giveaways than ever
Now I do like the new website and the way people can interact with it a lot more and better than that of the old site. It was a new company just starting and I guess they now know in what direction they want it to go. So now on with the new IPSY Bag.
  • London Soho New York/Smudge Brush- This brush is great and does the job well my only pet peeve is that this brush is super long. Otherwise it passes.
  • Carol's Daughter/Monoi Repairing Split End Mender- Once again another split end product. I'm happy to not have any at the current moment. I really don't need this, but what the hey. I still may try it to prevent them. I really don't use heating products ( irons, blow dryers and etc.) that often. So my hair stays relatively healthy.
  • Mirabella/Eye color- Semi formal- This was a brownish-gold color. I really like it.
  • Jane/Sparkle Gloss- Sparkle Pink- Jane was a brand I used back in high school till in my early 20's then it just simply disappeared. I used to get it at Walgreen's. Now this gloss is nice, but not in this hot pink color it's too bright and sparkly for my taste. It will make a great gift for a friend.
  • Circus by Andrea's Choice/Nail Color- Tightrope- a beautiful bright neon purple. I really love this color and now own all the colors. I had to get 2 of them on trades. The yellow and the orange those were the only ones I was missing. I love the colors and brand. Neon's never go out of style.
  • Makeup Bag/Black with gold zipper- Now this was a super cute bag this month I loved how you could use it as a wristlet.
 If your interested in this program then check them out at

September Birchbox 2012

  • Color Club/Birchbox Custom Polish- Status Update- They teamed up with Color Club to create several custom shades, inspired by the Fall 2012 collections.
  • Nexxus/Pro-Mend Split End Treatment System- Infused with coconut oil and amino acids, this shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment work together to fix unsightly split ends. Now that is great except I don't have any split ends. Nor do I like the terrible foil packet thingies. They are awful can't they just do small plastic bottles like everyone else for these samples.
  • Twistband/Birchbox Custom Lace Hair Tie- Designers go gaga for lace this season and we don't blame them. Get on board with these ouch-free hair ties. Well I already had gotten one of these months ago in a box. It was even the same color. I ended up losing it before I could even try it. Well mine is a plain turquoise blue. Not sure what they mean my lace b/c I don't see any.
  • Vasanti/ Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator- This exfoliating cleanser uses professional- grade (read: effective) microderm crystals and papaya enzymes to brighten dull skin.
  • Youngblood/Mineral Primer- Prevent makeup meltdowns with this clear gel primer, which contains skin-soothing vitamins and minerals.
  • As the lifestyle extras from Mighty Leaf Tea Company/Teas- Swap your afternoon latte for these yummy tea blends, made from natural, ethically sourced ingredients.
  • Birchbox Digital Download/Tristan Prettyman- is there latest musical crush. Download 2 of his brand new tracks. Never heard of him and also I never do downloads anyway so oh well.
If you are interested in joining Birchbox please click this link

September Beauty Box Five 2012

So sorry for the late posting of my September boxes. A lot has been going on in life. So without further ado here it is. My latest BB5 box as okay. I did like the selection and variety available. I could have done without another loose powdered eyeshadow. I'm not a fan of those I tend to like pressed shadows more.

Here was what was in this months box:

  • Nume/Hydro Punch Hydrating Shampoo- All I can say is that I already have this sample except that it was the conditioner not a shampoo from MyGlam in July's bag. This shampoo is for dry or coloured hair. It contains Seratin-K, Sage extract, Bamboo extract and Argan oil from Morocco. It has no parabens or parafins. Now as for me I didn't like the scent it is too overpowering. It gave me an instant headache just like the conditioner did.
  • Goat Haus Dairy/ Bath Melts 1 bath melt- Taking a bath never left your skin feeling this good. Drop one of these handmade goat's milk bath-melts into your tub and relax...your skin will thank you.
  • Silk Naturals/Eyeshadow- This lovely loose mineral shadows are no exception. Gluten Free and predominantly vegan, they're perfect for sensitive skin and a great addition to your collection.
  • Naabassja Skin/Enzyme Facial Peel- Great for any skin type, this revolutionary facial peel is packed with free-radical fighting antioxidants and uses papaya enzyme to gently eliminate dead, dry skin cells.
  • H. Wood Beauty/Lip Shine- The perfect addition to any makeup bag. This hydrating, sheer-color lip shine is packed with nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, and mango, avocado and Shea butter. I was not to jazzed about the color and that it was sheer. Oh, well what can I say it was a full-sized and the packaging was cute.
If your interested in trying Beauty Box 5 please check out this link.

Glade Expressions Collection BzzAgent Campaign

This time around I was given the chance by BzzAgent to try the new Glade Expressions Collection. This is the newest collection offered by Glade. I was so happy to get my Bzz Kit in which included a coupon for one free starter kit of the spray and one free starter kit of the oil diffuser. It also included coupons for me to give to friends and family to try this products out as well.

The Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist
  • This is the first refillable fragrance mist from Glade
  • It's so easy just squeeze-to-release a soft, light mist of a great and refreshing fragrance that lasts
  • Instantly enhances any room and eliminates odor
  • Refillable with your favorite Glade Expressions fragrance — comes in 4 great scents. That will appeal to anyone. Cotton & Italian Mandarin, Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice, Lavender & Juniper Berry and Pineapple & Mangosteen
  • Comes with a removable label, the holder is artfully designed and chic enough to incorporate into any décor
  • Fragrance satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
 All the scents come spray form and in the oil diffusers except the Cotton & Italian Mandarin.
That is the only scent that comes in spray form only. Which to me was a bummer because it was my first favorite of all the scents, but that is okay because I use that particular one in my bathroom. There is something about a cotton fresh smelling bathroom. That appeals to my senses. Both these items are found at just about any mass retail chain Target, Walmart, Walgreen's, CVS and most grocery stores as well as in some drug stores.

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser
  • The best non-electric oil diffuser for living spaces, delivering 3x more fragrance
  • Refillable with your favorite Glade Expressions scent — authentic, exotic ingredients like mangosteen and cardamom spice are unlike anything else in the fragrance aisle
  • Trendy holder (available in bamboo or white) matches home décor perfectly, allowing you to place great fragrance in any room
  • The easy snap-in-place setup makes the diffuser easy to assemble, refill and use
  • The spill-free design fills living spaces with fragrance for 30 days
  • A wide and thin wick releases fragrance slowly, leaving you with consistent fragrance over time
  • Fragrance satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
Here is a rundown of the scents available and what each one entails.
Cotton & Italian Mandarin - Open your home with the bright, breezy blend of cotton and sparkling citrus, honeydew and sandalwood
Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice - A ripe, spicy blend of sweet pears and crisp apple with a dash of cinnamon and clove that warms and invigorates
Lavender & Juniper Berry - Lush lavender blends with fresh juniper berry, eucalyptus and rose to relax the senses and open your home
Pineapple & Mangosteen - Evoke a tropical paradise with the blend of freshly cut pineapples and hint of tangy mangosteen, creamy coconut and passionflower

My favorites are the Cotton & Italian Mandarin for use in the bathroom and the Lavender & Juniper Berry for use in the rest of the house and my husband loves the Pineapple & Mangosteen.
Which is a nice scent, but of course my husband would love the pineapple one because he loves pineapples.

As for finding this at first it was a challenge a real one. I went to several Target's and to Walmart and couldn't find them they were sold out. The only ones available were the Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice. Which I don't mind the apple scent, but as for the spice scent I don't like it all to well. I waited several more days and checked back and still no change. So it did take me 2 weeks to finally get the ones I was wanting. I'm truly happy to have gotten a chance to try this and from now on I will continue to purchase this collection for my home. I do wish that they would make the Cotton & Italian Mandarin in the oil diffuser so that I can use it to keep my bathroom smelling fresh. Hopefully in the future they will make it so.

The pricing for these are not bad I paid for the Spray Starter Set $2.99 & for the Oil Diffuser Kit $5.99 at Target. The coupons for the free items were listed at up to $4.49 for the Spray Starter Set and up to $8.99 for the Oil Diffuser Kit. So I guess it depends on where you live and shop. I know that Walmart had both of the sets about $.50 -$.75 lower than Target. I didn't notice how much the oil diffuser refills were I did notice that the spray refills were $1.99 at my Target which is so reasonable.
Here is the what the oil diffuser looks like on my front table as I enter my home. This is where I chose to put it. I feel it was the best place because whenever I enter or exit my home I can smell the great scent and it's so inviting and also so refreshing to smell as I leave as well. As you can see from the photo I usually burn candles. I had to stop doing this for a while now because I do have 2 cats and lately they have be curious about the flames. So with that this oil diffuser comes in very handy and is very cat friendly.

Visit to learn more about Glade Expressions products and to explore all their scent collections.

 NOTE: The above mentioned product was provided free of charge by . All opinions in this review are my own and do not reflect the views of Bzzagent, their employees or affiliates nor of any brand mentioned therein. I received no monetary compensation for my participation in this campaign

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Original Dish Drying Mat

In my Influenster Naturals VoxBox 2012 I received a great and handy item to have in my kitchen. What was this item? Well it was The Original Dish Drying Mat. This Original line is sold exclusively at Bed Bath and Beyond it retails for $4.99 the size I received was 16"X18". This is a great product it is the newest solution for drying hand-washed dishes, pots & pans, this super-absorbent microfiber dish drying mat protects the counter top & cushions delicate dishes and glassware. It is also fast drying and machine washable. Plus, did I mention it has a handy fabric loop to hang the mat while not in use and/or also can be used to air dry it.

It is made with a unique laminated design which combines a new, thicker layer of foam between two layers of high quality, super absorbent microfiber. This mat also holds more than 4 times its weigh in water. It folds and stores easily. It also has multiple uses you can use it underneath your dish drying rack in place of the drain board. You can place it underneath you appliances (mixer, blender, toaster, etc.) to protect your counter top from scratches and scuffs.

Here is The Original Dish Drying Mat in action. I use it daily to dry several glasses used daily and also to quick dry my cat's food bowls. Also my cats think that sometimes this is a comfy place to rest.
If you want to know more about this product or see what other wonderful products they carry then here is their site go and check them out.

I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster.