Thursday, October 18, 2012

September MyGlam "ISPY" Bag 2012

Well to my surprise MyGlam did a total 180 as they updated their website and even their name. A little confused well I was. I understand a total overhaul of a website to make it better and improve it. As for the name change I don't dig it. Why fix what wasn't broken IPSY beauty by you is what they are calling themselves now. We got a card saying that MyGlam is now....ipsy beauty by you. Same awesome Glam Bag program that you love, only so much better: 
  • Samples are personalized with shades just for you
  • Connect with other women you trust
  • Share your own beauty looks on
  • Win prizes with more giveaways than ever
Now I do like the new website and the way people can interact with it a lot more and better than that of the old site. It was a new company just starting and I guess they now know in what direction they want it to go. So now on with the new IPSY Bag.
  • London Soho New York/Smudge Brush- This brush is great and does the job well my only pet peeve is that this brush is super long. Otherwise it passes.
  • Carol's Daughter/Monoi Repairing Split End Mender- Once again another split end product. I'm happy to not have any at the current moment. I really don't need this, but what the hey. I still may try it to prevent them. I really don't use heating products ( irons, blow dryers and etc.) that often. So my hair stays relatively healthy.
  • Mirabella/Eye color- Semi formal- This was a brownish-gold color. I really like it.
  • Jane/Sparkle Gloss- Sparkle Pink- Jane was a brand I used back in high school till in my early 20's then it just simply disappeared. I used to get it at Walgreen's. Now this gloss is nice, but not in this hot pink color it's too bright and sparkly for my taste. It will make a great gift for a friend.
  • Circus by Andrea's Choice/Nail Color- Tightrope- a beautiful bright neon purple. I really love this color and now own all the colors. I had to get 2 of them on trades. The yellow and the orange those were the only ones I was missing. I love the colors and brand. Neon's never go out of style.
  • Makeup Bag/Black with gold zipper- Now this was a super cute bag this month I loved how you could use it as a wristlet.
 If your interested in this program then check them out at

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