Monday, June 18, 2012

June Beauty Bar Sample Society with Allure box 2012

This review is for another monthly box subscription Sample Society. I was going to not do anymore subscription boxes but, this one caught my eye. This particular one is from along with Allure. I was looking into this one before but, there wasn't any openings. So I joined a waiting list to be notified when subscriptions opened up again. Well they did in May for the June box. So this particular one is $15 a month. Which I will admit is pretty pricey but, the Allure name drew me in. You also get a years subscription to Allure Magazine which I love. So I will give this a go and see if I like it if so I will stay if not I will cancel. I'm trying to see which services to stick with and which to let go.
Already there are some similarities to the other boxes. Sample Society is roughly the same size and depth as Birchbox and filled with black crinkle paper & gray tissue paper. The difference is that the description card is actually a booklet with helpful hints and tips on using your products. So for the month of June there were 5 samples.
The first one was from Jane Iredale her Just Kissed lip plumper. Which I got in the color Tokyo. This is a pretty rose color. The lipstick does have a slight smell to it. I can't place it but, it smells strange to me. Almost like air freshener that you find in a retail stores bathroom. When I tried it the smell was so overwhelming and the taste as well. It has a slight minty feel to it but, not in a good way. I will not be using this at all. I have allergies to certain scents and this was one of them. What a shame because I really liked the color. Sample Value $15.62 believe it or not. This sample size is only a few Oz's less than the full-sized for $25.

Oscar De La Renta Eau de Parfum in Live in Love. So this parfum is in such a cute bottle and I liked that you can have more than 3 uses like other samples. There isn't much to say about this except that the smell was alright. Nothing spectacular or amazing. It was just there. The scent is just not for me. It is alright and so far I haven't sneezed which is good. I will give this to someone who might enjoy it more than I would. Sample Value $5.80

From Alterna is Boho Waves Texture Mist. Which will help you get the sexiest beachy waves. This contains organic bamboo and blue yucca root. This weightless mist instantly gives you natural, tousled, "just back from beach" waves. Adds texture, volume, and healthy shine to all hair types. This I will try. Who wouldn't want beach waved hair? This I was happy to get. Sample Value $4.47

Caudalie's Premier Cru Eye Cream is a very pricey eye cream a full size is $95. So this sample was extremely tiny. Even worse was that there was nothing in the tube. I was so disappointed. I'm gonna have to contact them about this. So I can't say much about it. Sample Value $6.26

Lastly is Murad Clarifying Cleanser. Which cleanses and tones. Contains 1.5% Salicylic acid acne treatment. Now, I have very oily skin with few if no breakouts ever but, this may come in handy to control my oil. So I will try this. Sample Value $7.69 and I've seen it at Ulta for $9.

So overall this box was alright everyone gets the same box. So there isn't much variety in the items included. Like the parfum was okay not my taste and the lipstick was terrible in my opinion. Plus not getting any eye cream in the sample was not good. I will give them a few more months then we will see. Overall Box Value $39.84

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  1. I have been really thinking about subscribing, but I have so many right now. I have a feeling I probably will end up giving in and getting it. haha. I am curious to see how you like the Murad Cleanser.