Friday, June 22, 2012

Freebie Friday

Well I going to try a new thing Freebie Friday. So from time to time I get some freebies in the mail. This is either from company sites, Facebook or any other sites who send samples for you to try. So whenever I get a sample or samples I will let you know what I got. Keep in mind several of these promos may have already expired or the items have already been given out. I really like to try new and different things so I really like getting samples. Hence me subscribing to several beauty boxes.

So I received several items to sample they were both from Garnier. One was from Target for their Moisturizer and serum all in one. The other from Walmart's site for the Garnier BB cream. Then just today I received another Garnier BB cream sample from Garnier. So this is what I have received in samples. As I keep getting samples I do my best to post them. I want to make sure that I have enough to post.
Now I thought I would at least get the sample in a foil packet like others or in a small tube. I was very disapointed in the sample I got. This is something that could have been given out at the store. So anyway it is not enough try the product out. Just to test what color you might be.
So the same holds true for this sample. I thought at least they would have given a small tube of this since this product has to be mixed together. So when you rip the top part off there are two sides to the card and one is the serum and the other is the moisturizer. So you have to squeeze them both together to get the products out to mix and apply on the face. Well since these were free I guess what can you do? Both samples are not enough to judge whether you might like these enough to purchase.

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