Monday, June 11, 2012

Wonder Woman Nails

So, okay I've been away for a while. I had been battling a cold for the last 2 weeks. Then I had so many other things going on. It seemed endless. Well now I'm ready to dive back in to my blogging.

Well sometime last month on Facebook OPI was having a challenge for nail art. It was their Heroic Hands contest. So I decided to try it out and submit an entry. I even did this while sick. I somehow was already going to do Wonder Woman nail art for the blog. Then this opportunity came & I decided to do it sooner. I have always been a fan of Wonder Woman. I watched her show when I was a kid. I even had her Underoos. So in saying that she has always been my superhero.

So while brainstorming and deciding what designs and where to place them on my fingers I did several prototype nails on a nail wheel till I had the right combo. The contest wanted you to do them on your natural nails and not on falsies or a Mani hand. So this was a challenge since I loved the way the sample ones turned out. It was a bit harder to do on my nails since they are much smaller than the sample nails.

Well here is the final product. In saying this I may not win only because this is based on Facebook followers votes. So the voters all have to like the OPI page and be on FB. Which is fine. Miracles could happen.
This is the view a little closer.

From left to right: Her Tiara, Her Outfit, The top of her boot, The lasso of Truth, and Logo.
Link to vote:

Above is a link to vote for me if you like my nails. I'm not sure when the contest ends it just begun on June 6th. Thanks. 

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