Thursday, June 21, 2012

Camouflage Nails

One day while staring at my husbands lighter which he has had for years. I thought how cool it would be to do camo nails. Now I know that this is not a new idea or design and that there are many other designs of camo nail art around.

As for me I have always been a huge fan of camo. I know that many people may not agree with this but, we are all entitled to our opinion. So without further ado here is my nail art creation.
I used a base color from Spoiled by Wet n' Wild in the color I only eat salads. Then the rest of the colors were done with acrylic paint by craft smart sold at Michael's. Using a dotting tool I applied the dark green, dark brown, and black color in random patterns overlapping to make the design look more authentic. After this dried I applied two coats of NYC's Matte me Crazy Mattifying Top Coat.
If you wanted you can also use a shiny top coat or even a slight glittery top coat as well. The sky's the limit when doing any nail design. If you have any design requests please let me know by leaving a comment below thanks. I will be trying to post more nail designs as this is something I love doing.
I will also be doing a pink camo design as well for us girly girls.

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