Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cravebox Summer Spruce Up Ltd Ed box 2012

Well Cravebox has done it again & produced another great box. This time around Cravebox has several limited edition boxes to give away this summer. They have several to choose from. To aquire one you have to select on their site that you want to be notified as to when a special summer box is being offered. Then the first 1,500 to 2,500 it depends on the box and how many they will be given out. Then you will be notified as to when to enter the lottery drawing. If you are chosen and accept the box you will be charged $10 and it will ship within the week.

Well as my luck would have it I was chosen to receive their first box. I did sign up to be notified when this was available. This particular Cravebox is the Summer Spruce Up Limited Edition Cravebox. In this box were 5 items to equip me with cleaning essentials to help make my home as pretty inside as it was outside.
In this box was Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish. This unique non-bleach formula will even remove rust, and is great for cleaning stainless steel. Sample Value $3.95

Dawn Duo Sponge Cloth. Scrub on one side. Wipe on the other. Safe on non-stick cookware, dishes, bakeware & countertops. Sample Value $2.99

Mr. Clean Bliss Gloves. Latex-free gloves with a super plush flock lining adds comfort and helps keep hands dry. Sample Value $3.99

Sprayaway Glass Cleaner. This amonia-free, clean scent formula doesn't streak, leave a film or drip. This also included a $.35 coupon for a future purchase. Sample Value $2.16

Then a coupon for one free box of Glad Tall Kitchen Bags. These bags have reinforcing bands to add strength while using less plastic. Sample Value $5.49

This box was valued at $18.58 which is a great deal. Personally I have never tried the Glass cleaner nor the Dawn cloth and the Mr. Clean gloves. I have and currently use Glad trash bags and the Bar Keepers Friend. Which does work wonders on my sink. I hope that I'm chosen for the Limited Edition Beauty box. I'm sure that will be a great one as well. So if your interested in checking out this box service then go to

Update: I now have tried the gloves and really like them. They are so comfortable and do not leave a gross residue on my hands after I take them off. The Dawn cloth is amazing and that I will purchase this again as well. As for the glass cleaner it does work better than my Windex and is less messy. So with that I like to say that this box was great and gave me the chance to try out new items that I otherwise may have not tried.

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