Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Total Beauty Collection Box May 2012

I follow Total Beauty which is a site that gives beauty advise and also rates products by customer reviews. Which is really helpful if your wanting to purchase something and not sure on it's performance. They also give you the latest in whats going on in beauty and fashion. They also have an IPhone app that will help you while on the go.

Being a loyal reader of there site. I was excited when they decided to jump on the beauty box bandwagon. While it is different and not a monthly subscription service. It is $15 for the box. You also have to opt in for it on their site. They will let you know when they one available to purchase and it's first come first serve. So when they finally got the makings for the first box. I was on the email list to be notified. I did jump on the chance to try this out and the beauty of it was I could get one whenever I wanted as long as it was available.

So I got the box last month but, I have been behind on posting. It took about 5 business days to get the box from the time I ordered it. Not bad. I didn't have to wait till all were ready or wait for a specific date to ship. To me that was a plus. The items in the box were all handpicked by their own editors makeup bags. Then when your done trying these products out you can go to TotalBeauty.com and leave a review to let people know what you thought of the products.
This is how the box comes.
  This is the card that came enclosed.
This is the box open. It has the same crinkle paper that most subscription boxes have. It's a great filler to keep everything safe but, a pain to get rid of. Otherwise that is the only complaint with the box.

Enclosed in the box was 4 items. Alterna: Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist. Kiss dull hair goodbye with this shine mist, which will give you healthier, glossier hair. Sample $4.68

June Jacobs: Green Tea and Cucumber Body Balm. Hydrate and replenish dry skin with this balm that's packed with shea butter and the nourishing oils of squalane, jojoba, and sesame. Sample $11.43

Blinc: Mascara which is mascara that tubes them instead of painting it on. It claims to not run, smudge, clump, or flake. Now this is worth a try. I remember getting one of these in a Birchbox but, never tried it. Sample $16.11

Pevonia: $15 Gift Card. This worldwide leader in skincare offers products packed with natural ingredients to help rejuvenate the skin. Just this alone is a great deal it pays for the box. I went to the site and it's also free shipping all the time no limits. There is actually things that I want to get here. Not like other services which send a card and it's off a certain dollar amount and the prices are too high already. I can't wait to try something from here.

This box was a good one. The only thing that got me was it said, you would get at least 4-6 deluxe sized samples. I only got 3 then the card which to me doesn't count as a sample. I know that I can get me something and that should count right? But, not in my eyes I work differently than that. That's just me. The total value of the box was about $47.22 which is a great deal. I saw on YouTube the second box they sent out. I was notified about it but, I had just gotten this one and didn't want to get another one so soon. I'm glad I didn't it wasn't as great.

If you want to try this box out then go to www.totalbeauty.com and look for the sample tab and sign up to be notified when the next box is available.

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