Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NYC City Sweets Collection Limited Edition Polish

One day I was checking a blog post from Nouveau Cheap. She was showing some pictures of NYC's new limited edition City Sweets 2012 collection. This collection consists of two types of lip glosses, duo eye shadows, a blush, some stickers and nail polishes.

I was only interested in the nail polishes. The other items were things I didn't need. Most of the items on the display were already sold out. This collection was hard for me to find. I went to Target, Walmart, Walgreens & Ulta I couldn't find them. So I tried CVS that was my last resort. Well CVS did have them. They only had 3 of the 4 colors available so I bought those.

Also here in Texas I have a grocery store named HEB and sometimes they carry the Limited editions of NYC and other brands. So I will make a stop there later in the week to see if I can find the last color needed.

The colors I purchased are as follows.
These colors are great. They went on smooth and opaque. I didn't have any streaking problems. These colors do dry fast as this is the In a NYC Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish. You can apply a second coat if needed. As with any colors I always apply two coats unless it's a sheer color.
I was very happy with this collection. The retail pricing for this was $1.99. I was impressed with the colors and the way it applied. I usually never have any issues with NYC polishes. The names for the polishes were clever as with all polish brands now a days. Most have some very interesting names or play on words.
The only color missing from the bunch is City Sweets Pink. I will post a short color swatch if and when I find it. I don't give up that easy. So if you are in the neighborhood of a CVS and I was told Rite Aid has them as well. I don't have Rite Aid here. Then you should try to snag up the collection if you want. Or even look into the other pieces of the collection. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this. Or if you can even find it in your area. Happy Hunting.

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