Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Birchbox 2012

Well several days ago I received my April Birchbox. I had already peeked as to what I was going to get. So it wasn't a huge surprise. Well I was not as excited this month. This is my 7th month with them. So I expected something different and more Wow.
This months box was themed Natural Wonders.Which I guessed was kinda Earth Day inspired. I was loving the green toned paper a welcome break from their signature hot pink paper.
 So included in my box were the following items. Alima Pure organic nourishing lip balm in Rhubarb. This lip tint is made with plant butters and delivers a natural flush of color. Full-sized is $7. This kinda reminds me of the Bert's Bees lip tints which I already have . The packaging reminded me of the Soft lips brand same size and concept and also the same smell. So this was OK for me but, not a Wow. 

The other item was from J.R. Watkins which was a Foot Repair Salve in a travel size. This salve says rough heels are no match for this restorative balm. The zesty scent perks up tired tootsies. A full-sized is $8.99. I figured this sample was around $2.50 give or take. It is alright but, not something I needed or wanted to try. So I'll give it a shot I guess.

Then I got yet another perfume sample. I'm so tired of receiving these. I wish there was an opt-out button because I'm allergic like I've said, time and time before to many perfumes. Any who this perfume or as they call it parfum. It is from LIV GRN it's a Natural Eau de Parfum. It is made from sustainable ingredients, this bright scent is filled with orange and neroli. A full-sized is a whopping $60. My tiny signature sample is valued at around $2.00.

The next product is from Weleda it's a Pomegranate Firming Night Cream. This Swiss brand's new anti-aging cream overhauls skin with a potent blend of Turkish pomegranate, Jojoba, and macadamia nut oils. Wow! another face cream I have so many to choose from. So that I can do future reviews. YAY! Anyways full-size is $37 which makes my sample at around $7.70.

The last product was what they call a Beauty Extra. Well this extra was one I already have many of. Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes. These nifty wipes remove all signs of makeup and grime. Plus, they refresh the skin with a fruity blend of apple, blueberry, and lemon peel extracts. Now I'm wondering if they are really brightening because my face does need it. Full-sized is a 30 pack for $7.99 my sample pack of 8 was $2.99. I've seen this 8 pack at my local Ulta for the same price.

I of course have yet to try any of these goodies. I'm not sure when I will. Since I keep getting similar items from all my boxes and also when I get a gift with purchases at Macy's and Nordstrom. So with that I guess it was an OK box but, nothing to knock my socks off. Well there is always next months box. Which I'm really excited about because I just found out the May's box will be a Gossip Girl sponsored box. Which if it's anything like the Teen Vogue box in March then it should be awesome. The total value for my box this month was about $22.19.

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