Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April MyGlam Bag 2012

 I'm so super excited to have gotten my April MyGlam bag which is entitled Girls Night Out. So I'm really impressed with the items in this months bag. The items in the bag are as follows a Urban Decay travel liner in Woodstock. I wish this liner was full-sized oh well. This liner was recently put out by UD earlier in the year. It is a great color to have and I currently do not own this one. I have other UD liners and they are all great and last all day on my oily lids. So no complaints here.
The other item is a pair of lovely lashes from All-Belle which I'm happy to get. I got the style Princess Leah they seem kinda large for my small eyes but, I'll try them. I've always wanted to try false lashes but, never could muster up the money and courage to try them. So now is my chance no chickening out now. I will have to try these out soon.
The other item is OK. It's a lip conditioner from the Dermstore's own brand. I guess its alright granted that last month I didn't get the Pur-lisse Lip treatment. Which it seemed everyone got. I got the 3Lab facial cleanser. Which I have yet to try. I have tons of cleansers to try out between Birchbox, Myglam and my personal purchasing. Anyways back to the point. I'm always looking for something new to renew my dry lips.

I was also thrilled to be getting two of the MyGlam brushes to fill that cute pink pouch. Which we got last month that carried a fluffy crease brush. The brushes included are a brow brush and an eyeshadow lid brush. This is a great idea so that we have a brush set to take with us and leave our others at home.
All in all I think that MyGlam has really stepped up its game since the shipping and billing fiasco. Which thank goodness I wasn't affected by. I always liked my bags of course there are some items you may not care for but, hey like I've said, before for $10 including shipping you can't always get a winner. So I'm sticking with them for the long haul. Thanks MyGlam. Job well done.

All the items here are valued at about $28.25 which includes $12 for the Full-sized lip quench, $6.50 for the liner and $9.75 for the lashes. I'm not sure how to price the brushes so including that the bag is worth a lot more. I will be doing a small review on the Dermstore Lip Quench and the lashes if they turn out looking alright. Thanks and have a super day.

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