Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beautybox Five April 2012

On Friday I received my second box from Beautybox Five. Well I can say this month I was not impressed. I was hoping for a sample of Makeup Geek's new eyeshadow that she debuted. Well other than that the box was full with only one time samples and one full-sized item.

 Having that many one time samples in the box was a huge disappointment. I'm not expecting every box to have a full-sized product inside but, maybe a deluxe sized one to try more than once or twice.
The items in this months box were Smiths Rosebud Salve full-sized $6 which personally I have never used. This was the one item I did like. The next item was a Freeman sample to which I've been getting a lot lately in other boxes. This particular one was a facial exfoliating scrub in pink grapefruit sample-sized is $1.99. Then other item was from Pur-lisse pur-protect essential daily moisturizer for normal- to dry sensitive-anti-aging skin. Well I already received one of these in my MyGlam bag already. So no big whoop there. This sample was $.66. The last two samples were from La Fresh A waterproof makeup remover wipe. I got the nail remover wipe last month from another box. This wipe is for eyes and lips and is alcohol-free. The sample is $.56. Now for the last item it was from Dr T's Supergoop! sunscreen swipe in SPF 30 it's a water resistant UV protection with green tea for sensitive skin. This sample pack is $1.62.

So this months box was a bust as the items were worth only $10.83. I pay $12 a month for this box. So I personally feel I'm due another two or three samples or a deluxe sample from them. This is just my opinion but, I do think that for $12 I should be getting at least that in value. I will continue to say with them since this is only their third box and my second one. So with that I will say please stop putting such tiny or many one time samples in your boxes and concentrate on what the consumer may really want. I know this may sound harsh but, it is after all my money were talking about here. I don't have lots to spend so I want to do it wisely.

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