Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to remove stubborn/glitter nail polish fast

Have you ever painted your nails with a wild glitter polish? Or even used a glitter polish as a top coat? I have and I can tell you it's a nightmare to remove. The solution? Well I'll tell you that in a minute. I have tried many things from soaking my nails in pure acetone. To soaking them in those nail polish jars with the sponge inside. Nothing worked well. It either took to long or irritated my nail beds from all the rubbing. So I found a great and easy solution to remove glitter or stubborn polish. One day last year while browsing the web as to find a better way to remove said polish. I discovered several ideas all using aluminum foil and cotton balls. So I decided to try this idea. Well it really worked.
 Here is what you need to do this. Any aluminum foil I got mine at the local grocery store. Scissors to cut the foil into 10 small sheets. Any nail polish remover and cotton balls or cotton pads. I love using the cotton pads personally and I feel are easier to use. I cut 3 cotton pads in 4's.
Then using the nail polish remover I put a good amount to saturate the pad. Then I placed all the pads on each of my fingers.
 Then using foil sheets I placed my finger on top and then folded it over the nail to seal it. Do that to all the nails on one hand then let set for 10 minutes or longer it's up to you. This may also depend on the type of glitter used and how many coats of polish you have on.
When time is up lightly twist the foil back and forth several times.
 Then pull from the nail revealing a clean polish free nail. If for some reason all the polish doesn't come off on the first try.Then just use a cotton ball/pad to clean off any excess left on the nail. Then proceed to doing the other hand in the same manner.
This can also be used on your toes as well to take off the polish in a easier way. Especially if you have problems like me bending for long periods of time.
This to me is the easiest way to remove polish without damaging your nail or cuticle area.

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