Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Myglam Bag 2012

Last Tuesday I received my March MyGlam bag this was my third bag since subscribing to them in December.  In January I got my first bag and it was great I loved all the products.  Then in February I got my second bag which was OK not the best but, still good.  Then came this months bag and wow what a stinker.  Literally the bag came with this weird plastic smell I could barely stand it.  The bag was not what I expected.  The only two good things in the bag that I liked were.  A full sized 3Lab Perfect Cleansing foam in a 3.4 oz which retails for $50 but, the DermStore has it 20% off which makes it $40.  The other item was from a new company Karacolor they sent a color enhancing leave-in treatment sample pack which retails for $9.99 on their site.  Overall the bag was ok and retailed for around $55 which isn't bad.

This months bag was about repairing and restoring your skin & hair just in time for spring.  The other items in the bag were a small drawstring pouch containing what was called a DermStore care package this included: Pur-lisse Pur-protect SPF 30 Essential daily moisturizer & Murad Eye lift perfector & a DermStore $25 gift card which really wasn't a gift card it was a $25 off of a purchase of $50 or more what a ripoff.   A gift card is when you can get something for the amount shown and not have to pay extra unless you want to.  I really think that they should stop calling these gift cards.  Like last months NuMe $100 gift card which what not a gift card at all.  Every item on the site was expensive and you had to spend at least $40 dollars or more plus S&H just to use the $100 and only on select items to me that is not a savings.

The next part of the bag was the Foundational Elements this included one of 3 beauty basics to lay the groundwork for a fresh complexion.  So you were to get one of the following three products that were listed on the card.  Either a 3Lab perfect cleansing foam full-sized or a Pur-lisse Pur-lip comfort daily lip nourisher full-sized or a Murad Absolute bronzing boost SPF 15 deluxe sample.  Then a Karacolor enhancing leave-in treatment in natural.  Then a Myglam exclusive classic crease brush and case.  This brush was hand selected by Michelle Phan from her recent trip to Hong Kong and is exclusive.  Well my brush was terrible it had several hairs falling out from it.  And the little pink brush holder had an awlful scent coming from it a weird plastic smell which in turn made everything else smell that way. 

I'm still somewhat happy with my bag after all this is a $10 a month service and this includes shipping.  And the company is fairly new and still has alot of kinks to work out.  This includes the problems with shipping and with some glammies not getting their bags or getting them really late.  So far (knock on wood) I haven't had any of those issues with this company.  There are many on YouTube who have had issues and have voiced them & many who have cancelled their subscriptions because of the issues with billing and shipping.  I'm gonna stay with them for a while in hopes that they get better.  As with any new company there will always be some kinks along the way.  I hope that they are working hard to help resolve all these issues soon.

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