Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Easter Nail Creation 2012

 I started brainstorming for nail designs to do for Easter. This started last week for me and by yesterday had come to fruition. So with Easter just 10 days away. I got all my needed supplies to start this task. I will show you in someways how I did this nail design. I won't be going into a step by step process in photo's as this would have taken very long. I feel it's a simple enough design to create on your own without to much instruction.You will just need time and patience. I'm really excited with the final results.

I started off with painting my nails with a base coat. My preferred is Sally Hansen Insta-Grip Fast Dry Base Coat. Then I proceeded to paint my nails as followed. All using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Colors. Except on the thumb where I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. Here are a list of those colors: Thumb-I Pink I Can, Pointer-Lightening, Middle- Jade Jump, Ring-Blue-Away and Pinkie-Raspberry Race.
Let's get started. On the pointer finger I used an orange acrylic paint to paint stripes towards the top and the other on the tip like a french manicure style. Then I used a green acrylic paint to paint a squiggle line between the two orange lines. Then added green dots on the top of the nail using a dotting tool. On the middle finger using a pink acrylic paint to paint a series of dots. Also using a dotting tool. On my ring finger I used a paint brush to paint with a brown acrylic paint a basket shape with a handle. Using the same french manicure method. Then added a handle using backwards "C" on top then connecting it to the sides of the basket. Then lastly on my pinkie I used an orange acrylic paint and a dotting tool to make two orange dots on top of the nail.
After that dried then I started working on my thumb area. I used a white acrylic paint and the dotting tool to create the bunny's backside. I made two dots with the bottom being a little bigger than the top. Then using the smaller end of the dotting tool. I made the ears. After that dried then I got a light pink acrylic paint and painted on a small tail using a brush. To make the grass I used a small brush and then used two acrylic paints in green. One light and one dark. I made the lighter strands first then added the darker later. To make the whiskers I used the small brush with a light grey acrylic paint.
Now on to the last two. For the Ring finger after the basket dries. I used orange, pink and yellow acrylic paint with the dotting tool to make the eggs. Then a small brush to make the designs on the eggs. After that dried then I used the small brush again to make the grass in the basket using the same method I described above. Then lastly I used a much darker brown acrylic paint to outline the basket. I used the small brush to make the basket weave and lines on the handle. As for the pinkie finger I used the small brush and yellow acrylic paint to paint on the lines four from each dot.
After all is said and done and dried. Then I used my preferred top coat coat Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. Be careful using a quick dry top coat of any brand. I have found that it will smear your design even if you think it's really dry. So beware.

I hope that you like this nail design. Maybe I should have just shown the pictures and not have described so much. So much for little instruction. Oh well.....maybe next time.

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