Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July MyGlam Bag 2012

Well my bag finally made it here after being M.I.A for 11 days. It was so weird I received a confirmation as to when the bag was shipped UPS before being handed over to the USPS. Well for some reason on Friday the Thirteenth it was showing that it left Austin, TX and that it was transferred to my local post office it showed that information for 10 days.  With no updates. Until it was finally on the 11th day that it showed that it would be delivered. Wow. So on Monday the 23rd I finally got my bag.

This bag is great and almost one of the best bags I've received from them. I love the style of this make-up bag its so cute, fun and colorful. So in this months bag the theme was Greetings from MyGlam "The land of beauty". The card was a cute post card style. Inside were 5 items a choice of moisturizer and also a choice of lip product. All the other items were similar.
I got an Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion from Kiehl's in a convenient travel size. It says its perfect for normal to oily skin types. So this will be a treat to try . It has a very light scent of citrus it seems well at least to me. Not overpowering really nice. Sample Value $6.75
From NuMe a Hydro Punch Hydrating Conditioner it is for dry or coloured hair. It contains Seratin-K, Sage extract, Bamboo extract and Argan oil from Morocco. It has no parabens or parafins. Now as for me I didn't like the scent it is too overpowering. It gave me an instant headache. Sample Value is around $2.50
A Yes to Cucumbers On-The-Go Facial Towelettes which are soothing. It has cucumbers and aloe vera to cleanse, remove makeup, and nourish the skin...all in one swipe. This comes in a travel-sized pack of 10. Well let me tell you now I opened them to see how they smell. Ewww. Terrible I can't stand cucumbers let alone smell one. I can possibly take a slight scent that may wear off fast but, oh no not these. I will be giving them to my sister. Sample Value $2.99
The lip product I did get was from Josie Maran whom I've heard of but, never had the pleasure to try any of her product line. I got the Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain. Well for starters I got this in Quickstep which is a rich plum color. Now I wished I would have gotten Mambo which was a toasted beige color. I'm not too much into plum lips. Well I did try it to see how it would look. It was all right It reminded me of the Cover Girl lip stains and even had that sweet berry taste like them. Now I wouldn't pay full-price for something like this because you can find it cheaper and it will do the same thing. I tried it on my cheeks and no ma'am it wasn't for me. It was too streaky and blotchy. I may try applying it like Michelle Phan does in her July MyGlam how to video. Sample Value $19
Lastly is a Nail Polish from Circus by Andrea's Choice. Andrea is a MyGlam Guru and part of the group. She has apparently started a nail polish line. I guess jump on the wagon while its hot. I believe these are 3-Free. Not quite sure. Well I got the color Reverso which is just a plain white color. It applied very streaky in the first and second coats. I wasn't going to try for a third. It is alright I'm not sure because this is going to be part of a nail color set. She is launching in the fall. I believe there will be 5 colors. Sample Value $8?

So overall this bag was great minus the shipping problem. I also forgot to mention I did e-mail the girl's about my bag on Thursday and they did get back to me on Monday the same day the bag was said it would be delivered. They nicely said that they had looked into the issue and that the bag would be there that day. They were sorry for the shipping issue. I told them it was OK. I was just glad I got my bag. Also this is the first time it has ever been this late. This bags Value was $39.24.

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  1. We got the exact same is my favorite bag so far! :)