Sunday, May 20, 2012

Orly Dark Shadows Nail Collection

So obviously this posting is a little late. As the movie Dark Shadows hit the theatres on May 11th. I had went to my local Sally's beauty last month in April to partake in the buy 2 get 1 free deal. I was so happy to see the Dark Shadows collection already in the store. So I got all 4 colors. These retail for $8 almost everywhere and $6.99 at my Sally's or $6.49 with a Sally's Card.
The colors are as follows Decades of Dysfunction, Mysterious Curse, Grave Mistake, and Buried Alive. I'm sorry that the color swatches are a little messy around the cuticles. I painted these in a hurry and was meaning to get this post out earlier in the month. As you can see this didn't happen. So here is a my take on this polish.

The polish went on very streaky and that went for all of the colors. I did apply two coats to each nail get a better finish. I think that you will need three coats if you want it to be more opaque than sheer. 
Buried Alive is the one on the pointer finger and this color is a warm toned coppery brown with gold. Grave Mistake on the middle finger is a red cream color with a slight burgundy tone in it. Mysterious Curse on the ring finger is a beautiful blue with a purplish shimmer to it. This by far my fave of the bunch. Lastly on the pinkie finger is Decades of Dysfunction which is a creamy pinkish nude color. It looks almost white in the bottle this color is nice. My least favorite of the colors was Grave Mistake I really don't like red polishes that much at all. So this was a miss for me.
Here are the colors applied on a color wheel you can see them a lot better. These were swatched without a top coat applied on them. If you like any of these colors you can still pick them up at your local Ulta or Sally's Beauty Supply. As a reminder this is a limited edition color collection.

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