Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week 2012

 I found out that this week is Teacher Appreciation week May 7th-May 11th. This is something that I'm not so familiar with. Simply Sweets By Honeybee did teacher appreciation cookies in honor of our hard working teachers. Her cookie designs are spectacular. Especially her 3D cookie tree & chalkboards. Her cookies are so beautifully done and awe inspiring that I was inspired to try a design of my own on my nails instead of cookies. So here is my nail art creation for all those hard working teachers. Past, present, and future. Over the years while growing up I had several teachers who inspired me and other who sorry to say down right tormented me. I won't go further into that. I want to remember the ones who helped me to grow as an individual and helped shape me into the person I'm today.

My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Stewart was one of those people. I still remember her to this day. Somehow I made an impact on her like she had on me. Whenever my father went grocery shopping and she happened to be there. She would always inquire about me and my well being long after I graduated and left home. I feel that kindergarten is a very important time this is where your molded into being your own person. You get to learn about all kinds different things and start to make new friends and learn valuable life lessons. Of course singing, dancing, and napping weren't that bad either.

Then as I got older several other teachers also made a huge impact on my growing up. I won't get into that or this will become a novel. So any who I just want to say thanks to all the teachers out there who come to work everyday and give there 110% to making sure we get the best education out there. So here's to you and all you do. Thanks.

If you have any questions about the items used in this design please let me know. Also if you have any requests for future nail art designs please let me know as well.

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