Monday, May 21, 2012

May My Glam Bag 2012

I really was happy to have received my My Glam bag for this month. This months bag was themed Love is in the air. Which is nice but, it did make me think of Valentine's Day instead. This bag was a  soft light blue color with a hot pink lip pattern on it. I was very happy to see what was in my bag. I really liked all the items for this month.
A sample perfume size of Philosophy's Love Sweet Love Spray fragrance. As I've said, time and time again I really don't like perfume samples period. Well any away the only two brands of perfume I can wear without a reaction is any by Coach or Philosophy. So I was happy to get this sample to try out. It was a soft sweet floral smell with a hint of fruit.
Now we did get a full sized lipstick from Studio Gear. This was the complete color lipstick. As for the lipstick I did love the feel and the way it applied it was rich and creamy. The one thing I didn't like was the color. This lipstick says it plumps and hydrates the lips. Now while I didn't get any plumping of my lips it did hydrate and soothe them. The color was from their luxury line it was in Cinnabar which to me was a vampy dark blood red color with gold shimmer. It is not a color I would wear.  But, I'll make it work some how. It retails for $15.
Now I have never tried the latest craze nail stickers. I always tend to paint and design my own nails. Well we were given from Miss Beauty a Nail Bling set of 20 nail art stickers. These stickers are simulated silver rhinestones with pink bling hearts on the nail. These claim to last up to 10 days. I may use them for a accent nail to try them out. I won't dare to put them on all my nails. Not sure on retail value b/c I couldn't find them any where online.
Lastly the only other items in the bag were the My Glam concealer and defining eyeliner brush. This was the last two of the signature pink brushes to complete the myglam collection of brushes from the other bags. What can I say the brushes are alright they are nice and soft and will do for traveling. I personally would have not purchased these if I had seen them in the store. I like my brushes to be of good quality so I stick to brand names and/or ones that have been proven to hold up and do their job.

So this bag was alright and the lipstick and the brushes saved it but, not by much. Now not to get me wrong I did like the bag. I'm really hoping that they step it up and get better products soon. If not I just may have to move on.

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