Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to organize and store you nail polishes

So as a person who currently has 380 polishes. You do need a way to store them. Well thanks to a tip I discovered from MakeupByTiffanyD. I decided to try this out. While it did work out great and really held a lot of polishes and made life a little easier. I found out it wasn't for me. The reason being is that I suffer from Carpal Tunnel syndrome in both hands and now that same pain has spread into my arms. Not to mention a Rotator Cuff injury resulting in a reoccurring problem in my right arm as well. So I'm essentialy falling apart. Well not to worry nothing a few hot/cold remedies can't fix.

So back to the nail storage solution. While browsing videos on YouTube on how others store their polishes. I stumbled across a video by MakeupByTiffanyD. She was showing how she stores her polish collection. While she does mention it works well for all polish bottles. She does say it's heavy to carry and move around but, it does the job. So I decided to go to my local Target to get one to try out. The company that makes it is Snapware. I like their containers as I do already own several to keep my other items housed. Well it cost me $13.99 for this container. The size is 7.5"Hx14.1"Wx10.5"L. So this is a two-tiered storage container. You can purchase another one to make it a larger by stacking the other unit together. I wouldn't recommend this unless your really strong or will only use one section at a time. It was already really heavy with just the polishes I had in there and it wasn't even full.
Here is the Container with the two layers together.
Here is the one layer with the lid if you just want to use that or you don't have that many polishes. 
Here is another view from the front of the container without the lid this will fit all sizes of polish.
Here is another angle of the container. I didn't fill it all the way so that you could see that there is lots of space. So quite a lot of polishes will fit in this.

So I really like this way of storage better than the way I was already storing my polishes previously. Which was in plastic shoe boxes from Target. A set of 5 are $5.99 and they had different colored lids you could choose from grey, turquoise, and red. Well any way since this tried and true method worked for me great but, I liked the fact that I could have more space to keep all my polishes in one unit. Instead of several shoe boxes. It wasn't for me.

So this method didn't quite work out as I had originally planned. I decided to go back to the shoe box storage method. So I have all my polishes stored in the individual boxes by color family instead of brand which I was doing in the past. If you want me to show you the shoe box method then please let me know in the comments down below. Other wise it is a simple and easy way to store polishes if you have the space and want to have them categorized in a different manner. I hope that this helps.

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