Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November Beauty Box Five 2012

This months Beauty Box Five was not as impressive once again. While I did get two full-sized products they are ones I wasn't too jazzed about getting. So lets see what was in this box.
  • Cetaphil / Moisturizing Lotion - One of the most recommended products for sensitive skin. This mild, non-irritating moisturizer is oil-free, non-greasy, fragrance-free and packed with humectants that bind moisture to your delicate skin.
  • Swagger / Eyeshadow - Created by quirky and fierce makeup artist. Blake Karamazov, these lovely little pots of glittery goodness are 100% vegan and never tested on animals. Unfortunally there was no listing as to what color this was.
  • Model Co / Lip Shine - Tease - This non-sticky, highly reflective, shimmering gloss looks great alone or over your favorite lipstick and leaves your lips looking luscious with long-lasting shine. This does have a cute mirror on the other side to help with application. I've been noticing that lately Model Co has been featured in several sub boxes.
  • Envie De Nuef - Eye Mask - Younger-looking eyes are minutes away with this power-packed anti-aging eye mask. It reduces dark circles, relaxes wrinkles, stimulates cell turnover, increases skin's elasticity and oh-so-much more. I was hoping not to get these eye masks. These too I have been seeing in boxes lately. I guess I'll try it don't know how one will let me know if it works.
  • Global Goddess / Upgrade Complexion Face Primer - Smooth this primer on alone or before makeup to create a radiant, even canvas. Vitamins A and E nourish, while anti-oxidants create a thin veil of protection for a silky finish while pearlescent pigments create a youthful glow. Okay I'm so tired of the face primers as well. Like how many do I need to try. Well I guess I'll give it a go. It looks like at least several applications in each foil-packet.
If your interested in trying Beauty Box 5 please check out this link. https://www.beautybox5.com/home.php?key=4f3f58d0b6240

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