Wednesday, August 29, 2012

July Favorites 2012

Whoo! as we all say another month as come and gone. I'm still trying to get these out in a timely manner but, no matter how hard I try something always comes up. So I guess it doesn't matter when the favorites come out. What counts is that they do. So without further adu here are my July faves.

1. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup Foundation- 220 Nude. (0.8 Fl. oz.) Now the reason this foundation is my favorite is because of the staying power. This foundation holds up very well to the hot Texas heat and humidity. I was at first skeptical on using this because I had such a bad experience with the original one. For starters the original Colorstay was terrible smelling almost like a chemical floral smell. Also the coverage was awful it was just too thick no matter how I applied it or sheered it out. So when this one came out I thought great I wonder how this will compare. Well I'm happy to share that this stuff is awesome and holds up well. It is a great summer foundation for oily skin gals like me. The longest I've worn it was 18 hours and it held up all that time. Through sweating and searing heat and humidity also I didn't even use a finishing powder with it. Which was great and also no touch ups needed. I also did have a hard time finding the best way to apply this foundation. I tried so many brushes so personally for me fingers work the best and also the next item to make my favorites worked the best. So the only cons are that the price is a little more than the original one and also that you don't get as much product as well. I do like the look of the glass jar but, being that I have carpal tunnel it is quite heavy for me. Other than that I'm so happy to be able to use a Colorstay product. As for smell it does have a faint smell but, nothing my sensitive nose can't stand. So this product is definitely a keeper. I will have to see how this holds up to winter weather. I got this at Target and paid $8.99 with a $3.00 off coupon. It sells for $11.99 at my local Target and Walmart also sells it for $10.99. Walgreen and CVS also sells this but, the prices were significantly higher.

2. Sephora Classic Mineral Powder Brush #45 $26 - Well I got this brush as I have all my other foundation ones to see if this one really worked like people claimed. Well for starters it's a great liquid foundation brush. I know it says it's for powder but, of all the reviews on Sephora website many are using it for liquid instead of powder. So I decided to give this a whirl. This works great for many of my liquid foundations. This brush for me worked the best with the Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation. It left my skin looking and feeling great. A quick alternative to using your fingers if you don't want to have to take the time to get all the product off if your in a hurry. This brush is made with synthetic fibers which are also micro microbial and won't irritate your skin. This brush is a keeper. Just beware that when you deep clean it. It will take a while to dry like two or more days so make a note of that.

3. Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Base Coat $8 - This is a great base coat for my nails which sometimes get dry and peel. This base coats also fills those areas so that your nails are as smooth as possible. Which is great because I can't really wear those metallic polishes all too well. When your nails are either pitting or peeling those metallic polishes don't look good on and make a manicure look terrible. So if you suffer like me with this problem then this base coat is worth trying.

4. Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle 001 $6.49- I love this color it is a pretty wine color and I love the formula of the lip butters they are so moisturizing and non drying my lips. So far I haven't had any problems with any of the colors. I own like 7 of these.

5. Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleansing Gel & Eye Makeup Remover $20-7.5oz
I know that the original Purity Made Simple cleanser is pretty popular, but this new version is way, way better.You can use a bit, lather it up, and use it to remove your eye makeup, followed by putting some on your Clarisonic and finish cleansing your face. Your face will be super clean and feel soft. My face has an oily zone on my cheeks, my nose, and my chin. This cleanser works wonderfully and I love how clean it feels. It won't strip your skin. I like that it suds up more than the original Purity and overall, this gel formula is more effective than the original. I hope this product is always available, as it is superb and a fantastic improvement on the original.
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